Balsapamba Pictures June 23 - 25
Balsapamba peaking out of the subtropical cloudforest in the foothills of the Andes
James, Pamela and Maria
Matt, Jason, Elias, Darwin, and Juan stop by the river
A church in the town of Chimbo
Playing soccer with the boys
James takes aim at birds the size of a walrus
Gilver studies his book beside the wood stove
Our backyard
Jason plays sherpa
Walking to the church from the house all the while dodging boas
Riding to the soccer field on top of a Ranchera
Jason helps Valeria with her summary of Forest Gump
James leads the crew successfully across the river
Gilver playing with the Cow - Dog - Donkey animals
Left to Right: Freddy, Darwin, Elias, Rolando, Dario, and Joey with Matt and Jason in the back
A cute little river trickling through the jungle
James watching the boys do the skit of Zacheas, while he loses his hair
Jason, his new wife, and four lovely kids
Washington, Matt and Jimmy
The raging river rolls lavishly through the dense dark foliage that encompasses the quaint pueblito of Balsapamba
Jason finally catches the kid that stole his money and passport
Jungle so thick you can stand a fork up in it
Jason, Pastor, and Matt in front of the church
The kids must wheelbarrel race to earn a tuna sandwich (We only made 20 for 50 kids)
The whole crew looking down the one, lonely street that runs through town

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