Team Chimbo Goes to Cayambe
The intended route up Cayambe
James and Jason in the town of Cayambe
James and Matt at Cayambe town square
Church near road up to the Refuge
Nice house with a nice view of Cayambe
Cayambe in distance, while driving to the refuge
Another pic of Cayambe from the road (Notice the blue sky)
Where we parked about a 5 minute walk to the Refuge
Mister Ed says "Welcome to the Refuge"
Look at the view we had from the refuge!
Could be postcard of Cayambe
Another beautiful pic of the heavily crevassed mountain
Matt and James playing around in a crevasse field
James pearing into a crevasse that had no bottom
Team Chimbo thinks about how nice it will be to stand on top of that peak (tears...)
David and James look toward Antisana
Antisana clears up just long enough to snap a few pics
Panaromic of the crevasse field at the base of the glacier
German, our guide stops to try and figure out where the route is
Jason and James (in background) struggle up the snowy glacier
Matt sits down to enjoy the view from almost 18,000 feet
Jason looking like an astronaut on Pluto
James smiling because he can't see 2 feet in front of him
Matt and Jason looking tough with an inch of ice caked on their gore-tex
Jason and James descending after the white out
German says even though he has done Cayambe 20 times, it is impossible in those conditions
Team Chimbo in whipped spirits, after being defeated by Cayambe (At least there is Crepes and Waffles to look forward to)
Matt still has enough energy to pose for his GQ picture
Jason don't worry little buddy, we still have 1 snickers left
James looks down to negotiate the route home (To Crepes and Waffles)
Matt about to beat someone with his axe because for the first time in his life, a mountain turned him back
Team Chimbo tries to end it all by eating bowls and drinking AJAX
German does not let Team Chimbo end, and encourages us to pack our bags and head for Crepes and Waffles
Overjoyed, the Land Cruiser gears up for the drive to warmer temperatures
Sir Taftimus tells Mr Shifty to gear down so we don't run over German, Just before Big Honker gives a warning toot

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