Team Chimbo Goes to the Illinizas
Team Chimbo in "Jose's" truck headed for The Illinizas
Jason after lunch, looks forward to getting to base camp
James after looking at Norte (in the background) realizes he is in over his head
Jason and Matt are ready to run up Norte with their packs on
Jason and Matt decide they will run, once they hear thunder above them
We find a great camp site and setup the tent
Our camp site had a great view when it was not cloudy
Cotopaxi as seen from our camp site
Sunset at camp with cotopaxi in the background
That's where we lived
Great sunset the first night!
This was a hard picture to take, but that's us on the first night
Jason peaks out of the tent
Us at camp
The first peak we did, Norte (16,700 feet)
We slept in before doing Norte. Just as we were leaving camp we turned around to see Cotopaxi!
Looking down on a false summit of Norte with Cotopaxi the background
Jason and James near the summit of Norte
Matt and Jason at the top of Norte
Jason and James on Norte with El Sur in the background
James descending Norte
James playing some balance game with the Ecuadorians in the refuge the night after the Norte climb
Jason and Matt watch and laugh
El Sur! (Picture taken from Norte)
El Sur again. Can you find the 3 climbers on their way down?
We climbed up mostly in the dark, but when it got light, there was just fog. (Jason and James climbing up El Sur)
Matt and Jason in the fog. Wow they look hard core!
After 3.5 hours of hard climbing we reach the top!
Mat stands at the top of El Sur with Cotopaxi in the background!
Jason and Jason feel like they are at the top of the world. (Norte in the background)
Jason and James get cold and begin the long descent
Matt downclimbs a hard part on El Sur
We all descend with the Ecuadorians in front of us.
Jason puases on his descent to pose for GQ
Near the bottom, Jason and James take the crampons off and detach from the rope
Near the bottom with the Ecuadorians
The refuge felt very good to see
After hiking way too far for way too long in way too much rain and hail, we wait for "Jose"
A great view of Cotopaxi from Anita's (where we have base camp in Quito)
There are more pictures, but I am tired and have to be up in 4 hours, so I think I'll go to bed and finish later. Sorry. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have making them.

Added June 15th

Cotopaxi peaks out of the clouds
Ecuadorians playing their balance game late at night in the refuge
A kneeling Jason admires The Norte
Matt and Jason take a break on El Sur
Matt descends thinking of sugar plums and coconut balls
Sur Summit View (I mean view from the El Sur Summit)
James debates whether sliding is a viable way off El Sur
Cotopaxi with trail to our camp in the foreground

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