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June 5, 2000
Illiniza Sur
James, Jason and Matt in Quito
James and Jason in Houston

June 6, 2000
Team Chimbo with the guards of the Presidential Palace
Downtown Quito near the Presidential Palace
Team Chimbo stops in front of a church to have Jairo take our picture. (Jairo is one of the many new friends we have made here.)
A street near El Centro in Quito.

June 9, 2000
A hiker with Cotopaxi in the background.
Mountaineers on the summit of Cotopaxi
El Altar from a distance
Tungurahua before its eruption
James accending a rope like a sloth (practice)
Matt trying his hardest to prusik up the rope
Jason struggles to loosen the prusik to accend further

June 10 - 12
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June 15
Our Route up El Sur
A sketch of our route up El Sur
A picture with our route up Norte (Dotted line in on other side of mountain)
Team Chimbo relaxes at some hot springs
Matt and James try out the sauna
Jason and James are given a few flowers by native girls
Jason and Matt talk about how retarded the guy taking their picture is

Added on June 21
The boys and Miriam at Middle of the World
Team Chimbo looking like tourists with monument in background
Monument Post card shot (By Matt)
In El Carmen
Jason walking with Maria and Jenny
Some of the beautiful kids
The boys walking with Jimmy to the river
"Chimp Ward" finds some coconuts
Christian poses for a picture
Playing soccer at the church
Matt and Jimmy exchange death blows
Jimmy, Liner, and the boys gather mandarinas
Sharon snacking on some delicious pina (pineapple)
Some of the soccer players pose for a picture after the game
Matt and Jason enjoy helping Magno rehydrate after the game
Team Chimbo puts on a Frisbee clinic
The game intensifies!

Added June 23 (3am) *All pictures might not make it up, since our internet connection is slower than a sloth
Click here to see our Cayambe Adventure pictures!

Added June 26 Balsapamba Pictures click here!

June 29th - Chimbo pics with captions (sort of) Sorry, but the altitude must have gotten to us. Enjoy!

Finially, all the rest of the pictures! (Added July 26th)

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