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Soccer Game > Team Chimbo (And lots of other crazy soccer fans)
Soccer Game > Yeah, that is a giant Pilsner bottle on the field!
Soccer Game > Taft and I try to be excited about a goal
Soccer Game > That is a soccer game
Soccer Game > Yeah!
Soccer Game > Lots of people
Soccer Game > I thought we already saw this one
Soccer Game > GOAL!
Soccer Game > Team Chimbo
Soccer Game > Jason meets Miss Ecuador (Maybe not, but we though she should be)
Soccer Game > Crazy
Soccer Game > Chaos in the streets of Quito
The Jungle > Matt and James get their only win of the night against two drunks
The Jungle > The Map
The Jungle > Team Chimbo in the Mirror
The Jungle > Concentration is key
The Jungle > Breakfast is always more exciting when monkeys try to take your food
The Jungle > Taft at the river
The Jungle > That's a real monkey
The Jungle > The Team (before)
The Jungle > No motor on that one
The Jungle > Waiting for Anita and her mom
The Jungle > Still waiting
The Jungle > We came up with a cool logo
The Jungle > James got tired of waiting so decided to be the Karate Kid
The Jungle > Matt and a nice kid that we played soccer with while we waited
The Jungle > Now it's getting better (Nice waterfall)
The Jungle > That's a caman (Like an allegator)
The Jungle > Matt being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
The Jungle > He was used in Star Wars
The Jungle > A nice trail at the Zoo
The Jungle > James doing the rope swing
The Jungle > Jason almost geting eaten by the Camen
The Jungle > Matt saying hello to the Camen
The Jungle > James trying to kill a Camen
The Jungle > Jason making sure the Camen can not get him
The Jungle > Matt hiding from the Camen
The Jungle > Those inner tudes are Camen resistant
The Jungle > There are not really Camen in the river
The Jungle > Cruisin' down the river
The Jungle > The river
The Jungle > We leave on our "hike" at about 6pm
The Jungle > One more of these and I quit
The Jungle > Oops, I forgot to rotate this one
The Jungle > "oooohhhhhh, lets go this way"
The Jungle > "No lets go this way"
The Jungle > Matt always goes his own way
The Jungle > We reach the summit! (Where did the sun go?)
The Jungle > We thought this would be our last picture, but somehow we made it through a pitch black jungle at night with no lights (insipred by BlBlair Witch)
The Caves > We start out the journey
The Caves > We find an island
The Caves > Are you sure you want to go that way?
The Caves > Thats a big pile of bat poop.
The Caves > Don't wake up the bats
The Caves > Taft going where no man has gone before
The Caves > In a cave
The Caves > We practice crevasse jumps everywhere we go
The Caves > Thats a wierd one
The Caves > Don't wake up the bats!
The Caves > It's dark in there
The Caves > Are you sure we have to go that way?
The Caves > "Umm, does anyone else want to go first?"
The Caves > "I just saw something move under the water"
The Caves > Don't ask...
The Caves > Waterfall
The Caves > James finially get his GQ pic
The Caves > "Matt, I don't think that's the way we came in"
The Caves > Taft pulls a Cliff Hanger move
The Caves > James: "Jason why don't you go first!"
The Caves > Jason: "See ya later"
The Caves > Find find a wierd anti-gravitational field inside the cave, so Matt decides to fly around
The Caves > Light at the end of the tunnel. Finally we make it out
The Caves > A parot (The camera suffered inside the caves)
El Altar > Rusian Men are the best
El Altar > What a cute little horse
El Altar > Name the movie...
El Altar > Down - Set - Hut - Hut - Blue 42
El Altar > Heaven?
El Altar > Can we sell this one?
El Altar > The cabanas, our guide, and his donkey
El Altar > Umm, can I stay longer?
El Altar > Wow, Coleman will now be selling his photography services
El Altar > It sure is fun having a stove that burns Unleaded
El Altar > Girls... He's available!
El Altar > Guess who that is with the red gaiters
El Altar > Eating like Kings! (Yup, that's jello)
El Altar > Home sweet home
El Altar > Happy Birthday!
El Altar > The effect of HARE (High Altitude Rectal Emmissions)
El Altar > Best place in the world for a quiet time
El Altar > Wild Horses keep draging me away
El Altar > The Enchanted Forest
El Altar > The crater
El Altar > Rainbows are pretty
El Altar > I want to build a golf course here
El Altar > For Sale... (Coleman could seriously sell these)
El Altar > The Friar peaked out of the clouds just long enough for us to get a pic
El Altar > Taken from in the crater
El Altar > Another one of Coleman's beautiful pics
El Altar > Ummm, That looks hard.
El Altar > All I'm thinking is "Lets go water skiing!"
El Altar > We will be back
El Altar > That is a lot bigger than it looks
El Altar > Ok, one more of these and we are going to make a seperate page
El Altar > Lots of mud
El Altar > Someday there will probably be a KOA here
El Altar > I plan out hole 1 of the gold course
El Altar > That's big and beefy
El Altar > If you look reall, really, close, you might see the tent
El Altar > I water slide from the top of Obispo to the lake would sure be fun!
El Altar > Coleman's spot for his House #324 in Ecuador
El Altar > That's a long ways. I'm glad we got the Donkey
El Altar > Ok, so we didn't take the pic, but it is what El Altar usually looks like (from the air)
El Altar > I think land here goes for about $1000 an acre
El Altar > I am serious, one more and Matt will need his own web site!
El Altar > Oh he looks so tough in those rubber boots!
El Altar > My creativity is going down hill (I can't think of a caption)
El Altar > The future place of Jason, Matt, and James' Honeymoons (Assuming we get married some day